Contemporary stay in Scotland

As a small country in the United Kingdom, Scotland is often by passed by tourists who are visiting to Ireland and England. However, for the traveler who makes time to tour the country, it is an extremely friendly nation, which is simply brimming with culture and festivals, breathtaking scenery, friendly locals, and a relaxing pint of cider or local beer.

The nation’s capital Edinburgh, is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and attracts tourists due to its beautiful architecture and international atmosphere. Exploring this city allow you to experience the rich heritage and history of Scotland, that dates back to thousands of years. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Scotland include: excellent whisky distilleries, rich and extensive family histories, some of the world’s most famous and best golf courses, wildlife and amazing natural scenery, thrilling winter sports and great hiking trails. Even through the sun does not come out all the time in Scotland, the warm and rich atmosphere, more than makes up for it.

Shopping in Scotland

If you love to shop and pickup knickknacks and memoirs from your travel destinations, then here are a few places you should stop by. The Barras on Gallo gate, this flea market is the heart of the city and is host to thousands of traders of all kinds of antiquities and goods. People visit the place to shop as much as to just wander and get a look at the assortment of products on offer. However, it is also notorious for designer knockoffs, and you may want to keep a close watch on you your wallet too. Green sleeves: if you are looking to get real designer clothes, without having to sell one of your organs, make sure you stop by this market. They sell secondhand clothes, shoes and handbags of excellent quality. Mr. Woods Fossil is a must stop for any archeologist. The specialty shop has a huge array of minerals, fossils, gems and a lot of geological gifts. You should also visit the Baltic Bookshop for amazing deals on historical books and maps, and The Forbidden Planet for all your sci-fi and graphic novels, and other great action figures and animation merchandise.

Accommodation in Scotland

After a long day sightseeing and shopping, you are probably looking for a place you can rest, relax and get some much deserved shut eye. There is a huge array of luxury hotels in Scotland including:

Nira Caledonia

Just a short walk from Princess Street and surrounded by the Georgian elegance of New Town, Nira Caledonia is a peaceful, central luxurious Edinburgh hotel. It is filled with rich textiles, plush pelmets, flat screen televisions and original cornices. It has complimentary Wi-Fi, IPod docking stations and espresso coffee machines. The rooms are spacious and unique, floor to ceiling windows, private gardens, hot relaxing Jacuzzis and large beds with goose feather pillows. Porters are always at hand to help you with your luggage and parking.

Carberry Town Castle

This majestic castle 15th century has the perfect setting to ensure you enjoy all the magic and relaxation of Edinburgh. It provides you with a great view of the 35 acres of countryside which dates back to Queen Mary of Scotland and is the ideal retreat hotel. It is assessable by train and is filled with secret rooms, history and treasures for you to explore and discover. They have fine cuisine. Dedicated and friendly staff, and all the services you may require from a four star hotel.

Radisson BLU hotel

Set at the heart of Edinburgh on the Royal Mile, this exquisite four star hotel is ideal for both business and pleasure. All the rooms are contemporary, relaxing and comfortable, and reflect the uniqueness of this hotel. It provides its clientele with complementary Wi-Fi connection, authentic Scottish dishes and amazing seafood, complementary access to the Pace Leisure Club, a wellness spa and car parking facilities (charges apply).

Airds Hotel & Restaurant

This peaceful, remote hotel located in Port Appin, provides a breathtaking view of the Loch, and a lot of Scotland’s breathtaking landscape. It has lavishly luxurious rooms, excellent cuisine, an impressive wine list and great service from the friendly, dedicated staff.

Ricks Hotel

This beautiful luxury hotel has 10 super-chic room, bars and restaurants, courtyards, excellent food and an intimate meeting space for your personal or business meetings. It is the ideal location for both business, and a private, luxurious travel.

Tigerlily Hotel

This indulgent, luxurious, contemporary four star hotel, located on 125 George Street, is one of the “coolest” 65 hotels in the world. It is the perfect hotel for a romantic weekend getaway, a leisurely relaxation and rest with family, or a business travel purposes. Set in a traditional Georgian town façade, the hotels interior is filled with freshly cut flowers, elegant furniture, and shimmering mirror mosaics. They have great service, mouthwatering cuisine, and en-suite rooms with great lighting. Other hotels you may want to consider for your travel leisure include; The Argyll hotel, The Carnousite Golf Hotel, The Columba Hotel, The New Drumosssie hotel and Lochardii House Hotel.