The VITAMINS That You Need to Boost Your FERTILITY

If you are planning to conceive, then you should take care of your body as early as now. If you are healthy, you will have higher chances of easily conceiving a baby. Some women have problems with their fertility. For some, it takes months and even years of trying before they are able to get pregnant.

            To help your body be conception-ready, there are certain vitamins that your reproductive organ needs to help in increasing your fertility. According to the natural fertility treatments, vitamins play a huge role in promoting healthy fertility and pregnancy. Remember that if you are undernourished, you will have lesser chances to conceive.

The Vitamins for Fertility

            According to some natural fertility treatment, one of the most important vitamins that our body needs are Vitamin D. inadequate Vitamin D is linked to infertility and miscarriage. Vitamin C is also important since this is a very effective anti-oxidant. This is best for both male and female fertility. You should take 2,000 mg of Vit C daily before conception. Folate plays an important role in the early pregnancy, in the prevention of any complications. It is best that you take these a couple of months pre-conception. Some natural doctors recommend that you take 5,000 mcg daily if you are planning to get pregnant soon.

Zinc is also important as it promotes sperm production and ovulation which can also help prevent miscarriage. You should also make sure that you take enough Selenium to protect the sperm and egg. Lastly, B-Vitamins can increase luteinizing hormones as well as follicle stimulating hormones which can improve your fertility rate.

Natural vitamins are safer compared to the synthetic variations. However, before you take these fertility-enhancing vitamins, it is best if you have an approval from your doctor or healthcare provider first. Never risk your chance of getting pregnant. Do your research as well to help you understand about these vitamins that your body would need.