DDoS Protection For VPS Hosting – Why Is It Needed?

The term ‘VPS hosting’ has gained popularity among people and businesses alike. In VPS hosting the website is hosted on a virtual private server running on a powerful hardware. A physical machine is divided into several virtual components, and there is a separate software setup for each unit. This enables them to function independently. Sometimes, for added protection, you may want to host on a server that is located in a different country from yours. This is called offshore vps hosting.

If hosting on a server in a different country is all about identity protection and added security, then protection from DDoS attacks is priority for any business. DDoS attacks are one of the most common forms of cyber attacks. They are often well-planned, coordinated, and unexpected, that disrupt your business and hinder the normal functioning of your website.

Let’s now take a look at why DDoS attacks need to be prevented.

  • Loss of revenue

If your online business is the major source of revenue, the be prepared to face huge losses if you come under a DDoS attack. Imagine if your website is down during peak  sales time? Most organizations implement adequate DDoS protection to prevent loss of revenue.

  • Breach of information

Recent trends show that DDoS attacks act as camouflage to more damaging cyber  crimes. Cyber criminals use DDoS attacks to steal confidential data of users. This pushes the need for multiple backups of mission critical data.

  • Customer confidence

DDoS attacks disrupt the normal functioning of your website by targeting critical infrastructure. This impacts network performance and can directly affect customer experience.

  • Brand reputation

The reputation of your brand will take a hit as people will perceive you as vulnerable to cyber attacks. So if you are on the lookout for an offshore VPS hosting service provider, ensure that DDoS protection is inbuilt.