Deadpool – A villain turned into a superhero

Deadpool is a very special kind of a super hero, who was introduced as a villain in various Marvel comic books for over twenty years. The character is known for his healing powers. Deadpool was a character with violent tendencies and habit of breaking the fourth wall. Deadpool character quick appearance in Marvel series made him able to bag the main role in his miniseries. After 2 years of miniseries Deadpool was rewarded with his own ongoing series, which also has many other supporting characters.  Over the years Deadpool was able to feature in over 200 series. Dead pool also got a chance to be in video games in 2013. But the character dies in 2015 but was relaunched in 2016 on Valentine’s Day. Deadpool has been popular because of his rumours and comic timing. This popularity of Deadpool has taken him to the toy world. Many toys manufacturers and online toys store have come up with various toys of Deadpool. One of the popular online store is . This online store offers various types of Deadpool toys like:

  1. Cute Deadpool Pikachu Limited Edition: this Deadpool toy is 15 cm tall. It looks like a Pokemon character Pikachu but dressed up like Deadpool. A very cute looking toy, can also be used a showpiece.
  2. Deadpool Plush Toy: a 20 cm tall Deadpool toy made up of soft fabric. The toy has a very soft feel and idol for toddlers too because of it furry quality.
  3. Marvel Deadpool Mini Action Kit: this Deadpool toy kit has eight action figures. Each figure is beautifully made show casing different stills of the character. These toys are 6 cm tall.
  4. Deadpool Spider Man Black Panther Bobblre head: this toy is 10 cm toy and can be assembled in various forms of action. These toys are cute looking.
  5. Special edition: this online store has also a special edition of Deadpool, in which the Deadpool is kneeled down with swords I both the hands. A very unique Deadpool toy.

All the toys are made up of soft and flexible plastic, which safe for children too.