Oldschool Runescape has only best quests

Quests are best known from the definition which states that it is a group of tasks which are interrelated tasks. This kind of tasks usually involves a storyline, you can take the quest from anywhere, from your home, workstation, train, etc. The time required to complete a quest is different it can be a few minutes, for a few days, weeks, months, seasons and years.

The point from where you have to begin is marked with a blue icon which is almost like a compass.  Once that you have managed to complete the quest you will be awarded rewards, of course, meanwhile the process you will earn lots of experience. With the completion of each quest, you will be unlocking many new areas or mini-quests.


There were a total of 139 quests in the game with the date information as of 6th September 2018. The quests were available to both the guests and the users followed with a restriction to guest users. Only 20 games are free and guest users can enjoy them while for the members there are about 119 quests waiting. Guest user to earn 42 quest points that are the maximum score.

How can you differentiate quests?

There are different colors assigned to each quest with red representing an untouched quest, yellow means that the player has already started the quest and most relaxing is represented by green color which means that quest is completed. The basic rule is applied to the quest series with a linear fashion, in order to play next quest you must finish the previous quest. If the quest involves multiple plots, then only you can skip the previous quest.

There are subquests also which another part of the quest is, the completion of a subquest you can get additional rewards along with quest points. Each subquest requires a special skill, but it takes less time to complete a subquest than a quest. The graphics used in the quests are very interactive. There are some of the best quests available on Oldschool Runescape questing guide. Complete one quest at a time and move on to next quest.