Sweet dreams on Totoro bed

Do you know where Totoro comes from?

Totoro was a name, which was mispronounced Tororu, a name of the character from Mie’s book. Tororu means tolls in Japanese. Totoro is a character from a film “My NeighborTotoro”, where the story is all about two sisters and magical characters. The names of those sisters are, Satsuki and Mei, who are the daughters of a professor, Tatsuo Kusakabe. The names Satsuki and Mei are the words of month May, where Satsuki is the old Japanese word of May and Mei is the Japanese pronunciation for May.

Story of Totoro

Tatsuo Kusakabe and his daughters were moved to old countryside house, which is near to the hospital where his wife was admitted for tuberculosis treatment. Satsuki and Mei became comfortable with the new house and environment. They went to the school which is nearby their new house. They came to know about the certain tiny creatures settled in their home while they move from light to dark place there.

Mei’s discovery

One day Mei came across two white rabbit-like ears creatures in the grass. Then she followed the ears, which led her to a large camphor tree. There she found a large creature same as the tiny creature whom she followed. They became friends and Mei named the large creature as Totoro. And Mei fell asleep on Totoro. Satsuki started searching for Mei and found her sleeping on a grass floor. After Mei got up from her sleep, she tried to show the Totoro’s large tree to her family but Mei could not find the tree. As Mei was much worried that she could not show what she found, Tatsuo Kusakabe told her that Totoro is the keeper of the forest and it will admit himself whenever it wants.

Fans for Totoro

Totoro became famous not only in Japan. It became the iconic figure after the film. Totoro lovers start to buy things with its figure. There are many stores which start to sell Totoro figured accessories like a bed, slippers, earring, necklace, pens, phone case, etc. And garments like shirts, leggings, baby dress, long wear, etc., and figures like a lamp, pots, key chains, toys, etc. Totoro bed is becoming famous, as people who are fond of Totoro buy the bed and they feel comfort in sleeping on it. We can also have baby beds. Totoro bed gives the Totoro lovers a sweet Totoro dreams.