Get The Best JC MathsTuition At IB Super

Tuition has become mandatory these days and especially for IB courses; it is extremely essential. Mathematics is a subject which revolves around concepts, formulas, and calculations, in such a case maths tuition becomes vital. To understand the concept in depth and get a clear view, one has to have good tuition.


IB Super is an incredible tuition service who assist students in achieving their desired academic goals.

  • The services offered by IB Super include
  • Mock assessments and exams are conducted
  • Diagnostic tests are held to identify the weaknesses of the student
  • The Head Tutor at IB Super
  • Ben Hwang, who is certified and learned professional.

IB Super provides JC A-Level Mathematics Tuition also which is the best available tuition for A Level Mathematics  in Singapore

H2, as well as H1 Maths Tuition, is provided at IB Super Singapore

Since the alteration of the syllabus, students are facing a lot of difficulties in preparing for the exams according to the new syllabus. At IB Super all the study material is designed according to the recent H2 Maths Syllabus which was issued by Singapore’s Ministry of Education. JC Maths tuition is provided to enable the students to ace their exams even after the complete syllabus change. The notes provided are also updated accordingly.

Apart from this, the tutors are well experienced who make learning fun for the students. Maths concepts are applied to a real-life scenario to make learning engaging. A unique approach is adopted, which is greatly effective.