5 things that can be look in interior design in Singapore

If you are planning for renovating your office this year in Singapore then it is a wise decision to investigate carefully before hiring any office interior design company in Singapore for doing your work. There are the companies who will pretend to do all of your work and then just steal your money and leave the unfinished job. The below points will help you in hiring a qualified and reliable office interior design company in Singapore.

HDB Licensing

All the companies who are into renovation should have HDB licensed. This will help the interior design company with proper guidelines while doing interior designing.

Specialties and Expertise of Company

There are interior designing companies that are focusing on a particular single type of design. Some are into rustic or farmhouse design and some prefer to work only on residential projects. So look properly at company skills, creativity, and expertise.

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Payment Inquiry

Every company is having a different policy for payment. Some are taking the entire amount upfront while others take some deposit amount and the rest you can pay in installments. Some of the companies are including all the line items in the bill and others will use the flat fee systems.

Neer trusts the firm who are asking for a 50% deposit and waiving the extra fees. These are the signs of shady companies.

Timeline Establishment

You need to set very wisely project timelines keeping in mind the unexpected delays and issues.

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