Wix VS Weebly; An Unbiased Comparison

If you are looking to build a website or a blog for your business and caught up between Wix and Weebly, this article will help make that choice. The choice will be based onan honest comparison of facts. When you are comparing two goods or services, it’s very important that your search for facts. And see those facts with unbiased eyes.With your confirmation bias, you will not be able to make that informed choice, that you are looking to make, comparing two goods orservices. If your talk of Wix, and Weebly, both offer top-notch cloud-based web development services. Both are similar yet different from each other. You want to delve deep into it and compare their offerings; you can do it from the information available on the following page https://webpagescientist.com/wix-vs-weebly-review-comparison/.  If you don’t have much time to go deep into details, here in this, you’ll get enough information to make that informed decision.

The editor

Both platforms offer drag and drop editors. But the editor of Wix is a bit confusing to start with, but it’s very flexible. Comparatively, Weebly’s editor is easier to use. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of coding to use both the editors.


Wix offers many out of the box features. At the same time, Weebly does not have as many features as Wix. You might have to install so many third-party plugins. That means you might have to pay extra in case Weebly.

E-Commerce Web Design


Both platforms offer free basic plans. For Wix, premium website builder plans start from $13 a month. In terms of pricing, Weebly is a lot cheaper. You can get the premiums plans at as less as $6 a month.


Wix has more than 600 professionally designed themes. Weebly doesn’t even come close to it, which has only 60 themes to offer.


Wix is not very blogging friendly, as blog post manager opens in a pop-up, which is very inconvenient for the end-user. At the same time, Weebly has a fully functional blogging feature, complimented with post editor.


Wix is very convenient for creating an online store. Also, Wix offers a great range of payment gateways. Weebly has comparatively lesser payment gateways, but the website builder of Weebly is as good as what Wix offers.

If you look carefully, both have their own set of advantages and limitations. You should always go with a service provider that aligns with your needs.