A simple way to buy bitcoins online!

When you want to invest your money in bitcoins which is complicated and when you crack it down into simple stages. When you get a bitcoin which is an easy step and, the legitimacy of the exchange and wallets is still developing.

You have to understand things that the amount of bitcoin is derived from the adoption as a store of value and payment system. While it will be nearly impossible for these to be hacked by anyone your wallet amount can be compromised, so keep this thing in your mind.

Before beginning the procedure, you should know about certain things, a cryptocurrency exchange account, your private details if you are using a KYC platform, and last a secure internet connection at your place. You will also get a personalized bitcoin at ATMs or by P2P exchanges. You also know that how you can convert your 1 btc to inr easily and, for that you can visit the Free bitcoin website.

personalized bitcoin

Follow these two basic steps

Step 1 – you have to choose the exchange Sign up through your account for a cryptocurrency where you can sell, hold, or buy bitcoins. You will get many exchanges with the ethos of bitcoin being decentralization and individual sovereignty some of the exchanges allow the user to remain anonymous. You don’t have to enter your details and, exchanges will allow this to operate autonomously.

Step 2 – Connect your exchange to a secured payment option

Once you have chosen the exchange then you need to collect your details document. It all depends upon the exchange which includes images of a drivers’ license, social security number, and information about the user or source of money. And at last, you can place an order easily. So follow these two simple steps and, you will not face any problem.