Get to know more about buying securities

Investing is a wiser choice that will allow people to save their money. The best way to make sure the money is safe and secured for the long term is through the efficient usage of the stock market. This will make people decide on the short-term or long-term profit. On the other hand, if you are looking only for investing for the long term, online trading will definitely help.

Before making the decision or starting off the trading or investing, people should know about the basics of investment, the stock market, and also the process involved. Any kind of excitement will result in people losing their money. Instead of jumping to the next step, it is always recommended to understand how it works and then start to trade with the money.

If people are looking for the best platform to start with, they can check up with Zigz, which is a website that provides all kinds of information related to the securities market.


What are the basics?

zigz is a website that provides details and information for educational purposes. They are known to give the basic process of markets for a very long time and they are dealing with products that help people to get used to markets and its changes. People can use the following products to have a broad look;

  • GEX Dashboard.
  • Skew Dashboard.
  • Max Pain Dashboard.
  • Dark Pool Dashboard.

Indexes made available:

The website has information and details of S&P, DOW 30, NASDAQ 100, and Russell 2000. It is basically a small-cap stock market index and it contains the stock performance of 2000 small companies which are already included in the Russell 3000. This index is basically made of all the stocks in the U.S.

As known to all, this index is generally used as a tool for measuring the basic performance of small-cap mutual funds. Visit the website to know more about the index and how it performs every day.