Franchise SEO Benefits | A Beginner’s Guide

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the technique of getting your website to rank higher by constantly analysing the trends in search engines. Since search engines (such as Google) are the only way your customers can search for your products or services online, it is extremely necessary to get your website to rank higher.

If your website ranks higher than your fellow competitors, it will most likely result in increased traffic and hence drive sales.

SEO benefits | Why should you consider them?

If you’re a marketer, you must have come across the term “SEO” a lot. That’s because SEO is extremely beneficial in your digital marketing efforts.

franchise SEO

Why do we need SEO? Is it even worth it? Are there any benefits?

Yes! Let’s get straight to it.

  • Quality traffic – As part of an inbound marketing strategy, SEO aims for organic, quality traffic to your website. Hubspot, a global marketing platform, reported that more than 59% of marketers prefer inbound practices since it drives them the highest quality leads.
  • No payment for Ads – Google regularly updates its algorithm and based on it, the SEO needs to be rectified. Unlike PPC ads which would cost whenever one clicks on them, SEO has a cost-effective approach.
  • More Traffic – SEO efforts lead to organic search results. An estimated 71.33% of users click on the organic results, despite the inorganic search results appearing on the top. The reason for this, however, is unclear. But, it can be safely said that SEO leads to higher clicks and quality leads as compared to SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

The Way Forward:

For a digital marketer, franchise SEO is the core skill one must conquer to become a successful marketer. There are a plethora of SEO benefits that would drastically improve your business’ performance. The biggest advantage is that it enables marketers to earn new customers without paying for ad space.

The right strategy can help you improve your brand’s PR and help your business stand out from your competitors. The number of benefits is the reason why no other digital marketing tactic can offer more than SEO.

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